The flatware market hasn’t reached its full potential and development, in fact, there are many unsolved problems, such as disposable cutlery.

In a nutshell, we struggle to find the perfect disposable flatware, because each material has its pros and cons. That's why we decided to create a brand new disposable cutlery, never seen before.

With our two main ranges: the stainless steel coated cutlery and the biodegradable one, we aim at solving the current problems of the cutlery market and put an end to the quest of the perfect disposable flatware.

We are going to show you how we solved all the problems that the standard disposable cutlery has.

9 problems of standard disposable cutlery solved by Jupiter Flatware

1) Easy break

I guess that at least once you break a couple of tines of your fork, then you couldn’t eat anymore. This won’t happen with Jupiter, our disposable cutlery is strong and reliable with any food.

2) Lack of flexibility

As said before cutlery breaks easily as a result of lack of flexibility, on the contrary Jupiter is both resistant and flexible. It bends but doesn't break.

3) Changes in food taste

Some types of plastic when used with warm food affect the flavour. Well this doesn’t happen with our stainless steel coated disposable cutlery.

4) Looks ugly

Normally disposable cutlery screams "cheap!". Its shape and materials are not the best. This isn't true for Jupiter Flatware, our cutlery is nice and looks like standard steel cutlery.

5) Materials

Since disposable cutlery breaks easily, it can contaminate your food with particles, this doesn't happen  Jupiter Flatware thanks to its strong composition.

6) Can’t cut properly

Plastic knives are everyone’s nightmare. Let’s be honest they can just be used to cut baby food! This isn't true for Jupiter, you can cut any food with our knives, including meat.

7) Can’t be used for eating hard things

Disposable cutlery is an inconvenient side of buffets, also because of the difficulties in using them with hard food. Even if it doesn’t break, it's not functional. This is the most important drawback of wood or bamboo disposable cutlery, these two materials are eco-friendly and can be used with hot food, however they are not heavy duty. Jupiter with its heavy duty properties and flexibility solves this problem too.

8) Can't be used with hot food

Have you ever tried to stir a boiling tea with a plastic teaspoon? We hope you haven’t as the plastic in contact with the heat releases chemicals. Our Jupiter Flatware coated with pure stainless steel resists heat damage and corrosion, that’s why it is safe to use with hot dishes.

9) Isn’t environmentally friendly

Generally speaking, disposable cutlery isn’t environmentally friendly. However, you can reuse our coated stainless steel cutlery up to 10 times and the biodegradable one is eco-friendly.
Plus, think about how much plastic or bamboo cutlery goes in the bin in any party because of its fragile nature? Well, with Jupiter you reduce waste too.

Are you convinced that Jupiter Flatware is superior?

Let’s be clear, we don’t think disposable cutlery should be used to replace the standard cutlery, but there are times where disposable cutlery is indispensable, think about a buffet with thousands of people or take away restaurants. In these cases, we think you should replace the standard cutlery with Jupiter as per the benefit mentioned above.

Would you like to start using Jupiter disposable cutlery for your business or household from now on? If so, contact us now! Let’s revolutionise together the disposable cutlery world.

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