Jupiter Flatware can help you with your cutlery supply, specifically with your disposable cutlery needs. Our cutlery is unique in the market as it is flexible, strong, resistant, safe and convenient...

A variety of businesses refer to us to provide their guests with a unique food experience. In fact, cutlery is part of the food experience and cannot be detached.

If so, have you ever noticed the struggles of your beloved customers when trying to use disposable cutlery?

Whether your customers were sitting in a comfortable velvet chair, or on a stylish antique armchair or on an airplane seat, you must know that frustration in their eyes.

Picture of catering supply jupiter flatware cutlery

The frustration of someone who would like to be able to eat his/her food normally, but he/she can’t because of the difficulties in using disposable cutlery

How are they supposed to enjoy the food, the company, the atmosphere when they don’t have the basic equipment working?

Picture of angry woman about the catering supply because her fork broke

You must get this right!

Especially if the centre of your guest experience is the food, everything must work, starting from the cutlery…
Would you buy some theatre tickets if they told you that you had to sit on a broken chair? No wonder that your answer is: NO.
Then, why your customers have to eat with fragile and inefficient cutlery?
Now, that you have the solution for this, you must choose Jupiter Flatware for your cutlery supply.

Cutlery supply: disposable cutlery for incomparable eating experiences

The best and most customer focused businesses have chosen to utilise exclusively Jupiter Flatware. We offer two main type of disposable cutlery: biodegradable and stainless steel coated disposable cutlery. The biodegradable cutlery is still heavy-duty but it is eco-friendly. The stainless steel coated cutlery looks sleek as standard stainless steel one and  is heavy duty.
Discover below the type of businesses we currently supply and if you are one of them you shouldn’t delay your call to us.

picture of jupiter flatware on a table as cutlery supply

Event catering
We supply any type of catering businesses and independent event organisers, for a range of events, from big festivals, to business meetings, to weddings up to small functions.
Many people decide to use Jupiter Flatware also for their own family gatherings, such as summer barbecues, in fact, they realise how much cheaper and more efficient our product is, compared to the normal disposable cutlery. You can use Jupiter Flatware more because it doesn’t break. Recently we supplied Taste of Dubai festival with our cutlery.

Mass catering
Many restaurants, cafés, canteens, hospitals and similar businesses choose Jupiter to further satisfy their guests.
Think of a high-end café offering a take awaymenu for lunch for workers in the city, adding up Jupiter Flatware to their offer as a gift to take away increases the perceived value of the product. At the same time, it can be used to build loyalty, for example, if next time you will use the same cutlery, you can get $0.50 off.

picture of jupiter flatware on a table for catering supply
picture of airplane tray with Jupiter Flatware cutlery set

Disposable cutlery is perhaps one of the most difficult problem to solve for airlines. When guests eat on board they might face turbulence or discomfort, so if the cutlery is also not working, the experience gets even worse.
Above all, the best-rated airlines take care of their customers impeccably, so the cutlery is one aspect that cannot be overlooked and also the perfect way to differentiate from competitors.

Even supermarkets around the world offer convenient cutlery to eat lunch-time meals.
The best ones are using Jupiter Flatware because it provides a unique experience, Jupiter is ideal also for food on the go thanks to its strong features. It is the ideal companion for a non-stress lunch break, even when it comes to microwaved soup, as our stainless steel coated spoons are safe to be used with hot food.

picture of jupiter flatware as catering supply

You are a step away from the perfect guest experience.

Why getting your cutlery supply from Jupiter Flatware?

If you still have doubts regarding the superpower of Jupiter Flatware, we want to tell you a few reasons why you should choose us for your commercial disposable cutlery.

  • Higher customer satisfaction: customers will inevitably be happier and enjoy a better overall experience if they don’t get the hassle of using disposable flatware
  • Your brand image: your name will be associated with quality, care, uniqueness even more, if you supply such an innovative and high-quality product
  • Efficiency: Jupiter cutlery doesn’t break and is of extremely high quality.
  • Risk-free: owing to its strong composition, Jupiter is less risky also when it comes to small accidents, such as splinters. So you can rest assured that your guests will be safe, at least, whilst eating. 
  • WOW factor: when your guests will see that they can bend the cutlery without breaking it, can you imagine their faces?
  • Price: the price is so small that we don’t want to ruin your surprise when you contact us.

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