Jupiter Flatware is the product of Jupiter Company, born in 2017 from the work of an Italian entrepreneur, Donato Iovane.

In less than a year, Jupiter has distinguished itself on the market thanks to the innovative characteristics of its products. Jupiter Flatware is now one of the main players in the disposable flatware market.

This year, 2018, is the official sponsor of Taste of Dubai, one of the most important fairs in the food and wine industry,  Jupiter will manage the entire supply of cutlery for the numerous visitors of the festival.

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Donato Iovane: Why I created Jupiter Flatware

Someone says "Give the customer what he wants."

It's not my approach.

My job is to imagine what the client wants, even before he knows himself.

This is the reason why at beginning of 2017, I started to study the disposable cutlery market that is flooded with second-class products

During my research, I discovered many and many drawbacks of the current disposable cutlery, departing from these problems to solve, I could create a totally different product.

I can certainly say that my product can effectively change the rules of the game.

In short, Jupiter Flatware is a product that enhances people's experience and this makes it unique and special.

What I discovered about the flatware market...

The market of the disposable flatware is not simple and it is very competitive.

It's flooded with products that are:

  • unsafe: most plastic cutlery is fragile and breakable, with the risk of swallowing pieces of plastic 
  • difficult to use: small formats and problematic use

Jupiter Flatware offers products that go beyond the boundaries.

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Why is Jupiter Flatware different?

In a nutshell, any type of cutlery from Jupiter Flatware range is resistant, easy and safe to use:

  • beautifully designed
  • totally flexible and heavy-duty
  • fully recyclable or biodegradable

In other words, we offer unique flatware for everyone that doesn't have a substitute. 

At what price?

At the cheapest price you can imagine.

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Jupiter Flatware in the world

We currently sell our products in:

Europe: Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Portugal
United Arab Emirates
United States of America
South America: Brazil, Chile, Argentina

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