Biodegradable bowls and all the products of this type are on the rise, as consumers, and companies alike, become more aware of the devastating effects of plastic. Biodegradable plastic normally derives from renewable resources, such as corn starch, so they are not made with materials deriving from petrol. For this reason, bioplastic is the most sought-after material nowadays, when everyone is trying to move away from plastic, see the recent bans established by many countries on single-use products, such as straws.

Biodegradable bowls can be very useful for a variety of purposes, continue the reading to find out more.

6 ways to use biodegradable bowls

1) Lunchbox

Biodegradable bowls, especially the ones with a lid, are extremely useful when it comes to packing your lunch, above all if you are seeking a lighter alternative to sandwiches.

2) Train, airplane meals

Meals on board in biodegradable bowls are better in two ways mainly: these food containers are eco-friendly so they reduce the use of plastic and they are hygienic to be used. Recently, the Indian Railways have introduced biodegradable bowls to encourage the reduction of plastic waste.

3) Eating outdoors

Disposable bowls with lids are ideal to pack meals for picnics, hiking and even going camping. This bowls are practical for mono portion salads but also to contain food to share such as cold pasta, rice or even fruit. This is a cheaper solution compared to buy prepacked  foods at the supermarket and is also greener and healthier.

4) Takeaway food

Take away businesses find biodegradable bowls very convenient, because they make themselves look good: they appear to be environmentally-conscious businesses, plus these bowls do the job as they can be used with extreme temperatures (normally between 0 and 50°C).

5) Foraging

If you enjoying walking in the woods or in the countryside picking fruits and other wild delicacies, biodegradable bowls are ideal to go foraging too, they are lightweight, clean, easy to carry and can contain a lot of items.

6) On-the-go dog food

Sometimes you might need to carry dog food for your pet.  A disposable bowl with lid can be ideal because you can just get rid of it and avoid a smelly bag and it’s hygienic as well.

Biodegradable bowls can be used in a variety of ways, they are a much greener alternative to standard plastic ones and they have all the advantages of disposable items.

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