Month: August 2018

picture of spoons wholesale biodegradable flatware

Wholesale Biodegradable Flatware -The Way Forward

Relying on a wholesale for biodegradable flatware supply is the way forward for all the businesses which heavily rely on disposable cutlery. Sustainability is a great concern of businesses nowadays, this trend will do nothing but grow in time, that’s why businesses should adapt to this new request deriving from consumers and governments alike. Not …

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picture of cup explaining why biodegradable plastic is better

Why Biodegradable Plastic Is Better?

Short answer: Yes! Long answer: biodegradable plastic will not solve the problem of litter and is still a mistake to pollute the environment with our throw-away items, so by saying that biodegradable plastic is better, we are not suggesting the undiscriminating use of single-use products. In fact, a functioning waste-management system is still crucial to …

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picture of biodegradable bowls with fruits

6 Effortless Ways To Use Biodegradable Bowls

Biodegradable bowls and all the products of this type are on the rise, as consumers, and companies alike, become more aware of the devastating effects of plastic. Biodegradable plastic normally derives from renewable resources, such as corn starch, so they are not made with materials deriving from petrol. For this reason, bioplastic is the most …

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