Cups with lids are very useful to carry liquids to avoid spillage and there are many ways to use this kind of cups. Discover the 10 favourite ways of using cups with lids in this blog post, some ideas are truly brilliant.

Cups with lids – Very useful in many occasions


1) Home-made yogurt

Easy to carry for your afternoon snacks, finally you bring also your home-made yogurt also in the office. The other option would be to transfer some yogurt bought in the supermarket and add some fruits and nuts, for an even tastier option.

2) Mono-portion of cheesecake

Especially if you are hosting a dinner party in the garden you need practical containers for anything, so why don’t you serve desserts in mono-portion? With the lids you can seal the cups so they are also very hygienic.

3) Fruit on the go

Why buying fruit at the supermarket salad when you can make your own at home? You can cut the fruit and add some lemon juice so the fruit doesn’t go black, then place it in plastic cups with the lid and bring it with you or give it to your kids for their lunch box. This is certainly a cheaper option.

4) Smoothie on the go

Would you like to have a fresh smoothie on your way to the office? It’s easy, just make your smoothie and pour it into the cup, then pierce the lid (if it is not already pierced) to allow some space for the straw, that’s done!

picture of a hand holding a cup with lid

5) Snack full of protein

Cups with lids are very useful also for carrying snacks, you can create your own nut mix: add almonds, peanuts, macadamia, and anything you like. You can enrich it with raisin and other dried fruits too. This snack is ideal for the office but also when you go for walks.

6) Coaster

This is not very intuitive but it’s an option, you can utilise the lid of the cup as a coaster, you can also decorate it nicely with water-resistant paint.

7) Cups for summer outdoor dining

We all know, when dining outdoors, especially in summer, bugs are a big problem and no one wants to drink wine containing insects. The ideal solution is to use cups with lids so drinks are protected and hygienic.

8) Storage

Cups are useful when it comes to keeping safely little things in one place only, for example paper clips in the office, buttons in your sewing kits and so on.

9) Dips

For your barbecue, you can utilise cups to distribute dips around the table for your guests. You could either use sauces from a jar or create your home-made ones.

10) Jelly

Love preparing jelly? We all know how difficult is to do mono-portion without spilling them, well the problem is solved if you use plastic cups with a lid. They are perfect for parties and when you have many guests.

Do you use cups with lids in any other way?
Let us know. We suggest to choose only biodegradable cups with lids, you can take a look at the one we sell here.

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