Take advantage of the takeaway mania to become more profitable and don’t let your customers choose to your competitors.


Takeaway orders are a big trend right now, not only in the US but worldwide, that’s why many restaurants are trying to adapt to catch a wider market.

Not only purely takeaway restaurants offer this option, but even common restaurants. This trend goes together with the bigger streetfood craze, that everyone is joining.

In this article, we want to explain to you what you need in order to offer takeaway food and how to succeed.

What do you need to offer takeaway?

Have you ever thought that your loyal customers are forced to go elsewhere when they fancy a takeaway, if you don’t offer it?

So you should be reconsidering your offer if you don’t want to lose business. Not always it takes a lot of effort to set up a takeaway, it depends on the scale of your operations.

First thing first, try to answer this questions:

  • How would your customers place the order: online or by phone?
  • Would you offer takeaway only? Or delivery as well?
  • Have you thought of the equipment you need? What about a takeaway menu?

picture of a takeway meal from takeaway restaurants

Now discover what you need to provide takeaway food.

  • Booking facility in place: whether you decide to accept orders by phone or online, you must have a solid booking facility in place. Not only to fulfill the orders but also for fiscal reasons. You can input the order in your till in case you take the booking via phone.
    If you set up a takeaway ordering system on your website, you can drastically increase the number of orders received. Even if it might seem complex, in reality it is easier than you think. Nowadays there are many websites that offer this facility for a fee. The investment is worth the effort if you receive many online orders as they can help you to streamline the process effectively.
    The other option is to rely on third parties, such as the well-known Foodora and Just Eat, this type of service allows a restaurant to put its menu in front of thousands of people. There are fees to become a partner but this is not the only drawback of the system as you have less control over your orders and you are pushed to offer competitive prices to survive.
  • Drivers: unless you use a third party such as Deliveroo, to mention another one, you will have to take care also of the delivery; to avoid this you could also opt for takeaway pickup only. But if you go down the route of the delivery, you might be aware of the complexity of it.
    It is difficult to control your drivers when they are out for deliveries, unless you install a black box in the vehicle so you can see the driver’s movement. The other big problem is to forecast the expected delivery amount as you may employ someone who is needed less than you think. It is hard to get a clear picture of the demand without some historical data.
  • Payment processing: you have to mark clearly how the payment happened, if over the phone, cash in person or online, the important thing is the trackability of your payments.
  • Food containers and more: you must be well-equipped also for your takeaway orders, so you need branded bags, cups, trays, napkins and efficient cutlery. Bear in mind that not providing the necessary equipment may prevent your customers to come back.
    Have you ever ordered a takeaway to go and eat in a park in a summer lunchtime and then found out that the waiter didn’t give you a napkin or worse your fork broke?! This type of experience has an impact on the perception of quality of the restaurant.
  • Takeaway internal management plan: this is a fundamental step to ensure consistency on the dishes that come out for the takeaway orders and also within the company operations.

You should establish:

-Food portions: the kitchen should be aware of the portion size and the presentation, what tray must be used, what the best practices are.

-Food preparation for delivery: how the food must be prepared for pick up/delivery. The bag to use, how many tissues per person, any complimentary sauce, the type of disposable cutlery to include etc…

-Driver instruction: in case of pick up only, you don’t need to worry about this step. If you have your own driver for the delivery, he must be informed about the customer’s address and phone number, any special instruction to reach the house and the payment terms.

design of a person looking for takeaway restaurants on the ipad

  • Tailored offer: to entice takeaway  sales you should create a tailor offered, for example, a 10% off standard eat-in the menu, or if it is easy to manage, just create a separate menu.
  • USP: differentiation from competitors and offering a great Unique Selling Proposition is another struggle of restaurant owners. With a crowded market you must deliver an additional value to your potential customers to be preferred over the competition. Setting special and convenient takeaway meals can be yours, for example you can create an original lunchbox and provide the important free cutlery that not everyone is providing yet.

Having listed what you need to start offering a takeaway option, we could not tell you WHY takeaway restaurants choose Jupiter and WHY this is crucial to success.

Why are takeaway restaurants choosing Jupiter?

Jupiter Flatware provide excellent disposable cutlery, this cutlery is unbreakable and flexible, that’s why it delivers more value to your customers. Plus it offers also biodegradable cups and bowls with your logo.

Many takeaway restaurants have chosen Jupiter Flatware because of…

  • Heavy-duty cutlery: customers have an improved food experience
  • Safer: since the cutlery is flexible, it is much safer no splinters caused by breakage can contaminate the food. This flexibility applies to both the stainless steel coated disposable and the 100% biodegradable one.
  • Heat-resistant: with the stainless steel coated cutlery, guests don’t need to worry and can eat hot food too, without risks of contamination.
  • Cost-effective: the price is the same, in fact, even if the cutlery is superior it doesn’t cost more than other disposable cutlery. Think of how much waste you would save?
  • Not only cutlery: we offer also custom biodegradable bowls and cups.

You can upgrade your business from today by providing  better value and without spending more.

Switch to Jupiter for a better food experience, research has already shown the effects of cutlery on food taste you can’t ignore it.

If you want to find out more about Jupiter Flatware, just contact us or leave a comment.


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