Restaurants are on the rise, as we tend to eat out more often both for convenience and for eating something different.
At the same time, this is a very competitive industry, in the US only there are over 1 million restaurant locations, so it might be difficult to stay afloat and differentiate from the competitors.

Plus, running a restaurant is a job that requires a lot of skills, passion and time.
It involves dealing with many people: members of staff, suppliers, accountants, final customers and so on. But it involves many tasks too from ordering food from suppliers to organising the shifts of the employees: it can be really exhausting.
There is no wonder if restaurant owner might forget a very important element of their business success, the marketing. Without marketing a restaurant may struggle as the competition is fierce, that’s why every restaurant should have some kind of marketing strategy.

Having said that, even without a strategy, for sure you are already deploying some marketing channels and techniques, you might have a Facebook page or  print out leaflets from time to time or even have an offer displayed on your window to entice customers to come in.

In this article, we would like to explain to you that almost anything in your restaurant can become a marketing tool, even something that you might take for granted such as cutlery.

Who are you?

picture of a table in a restaurant showing how to use it marketing tool for a restaurant

Before we move onto talking about cutlery, we must make an important premise, in fact, before you start using any marketing tool you must have clear in mind WHAT your restaurant is all about. Try to set the following point.

  • Brand identity: this is the most important thing, you must put this in black and white somewhere so it can guide you along the way.
    What is your restaurant? What is its mission? What are the values? Anything that can describe the true purpose of it.

To sum up your brand identity, you should decide your mission statement, which is the essence of your brand.  Taco Bell‘s mission statement might help you:

“We take pride in making the best Mexican style fast food providing fast, friendly, & accurate service.

We are the employer of choice offering team members’ opportunities for growth, advancement, & rewarding careers in a fun, safe working environment. We are accountable for profitability in everything we do, providing our shareholders with value growth.”

  • Customers:  who are your target customers? By knowing this precious information, you can market your offer better and also anticipate their desires.
  • Objectives: where you use any marketing tool, you must set some objectives to aim at, these will guide your actions and they will give you a good idea of the results too.
    For example, let’s say you set up an Instagram account, what do you want to achieve with it? You might establish some objectives such as, increase brand awareness. Be realistic and don’t ask the impossible.
  • The how: now you should think about how to achieve the intended objectives. For example, if you take the example of Instagram, you might want to use your own original dishes to gain foodie followers.

What we just outline is just the basics, because today we don’t want to tell you about marketing strategy, but we want to show you how you could transform your cutlery into a marketing tool.

How to transform disposable cutlery into a marketing tool for a restaurant?

What we want to show you how to use something simple and indispensable, like cutlery, to market your business.
We will focus our example on disposable cutlery of the new generation. This disposable cutlery is strong, resistant and coated with stainless steel. These unique properties make the cutlery totally flexible and unbreakable.

picture of bent fork Jupiter Flatware

This explanation is necessary, because if you are going to take something simple and use it as a marketing tool it must have some sort of innovative characteristics.

Let’s see now how a disposable cutlery can help you.

  • Branding: start using this remarkable cutlery, it will certainly make people think that your restaurant is innovative and extraordinary.
    Let’s assume you use the brand new unbreakable disposable cutlery for your takeaway orders, people would think that you are cool, offering such a product.
  • Go the extra mile: likewise when customers find out that you are providing a much superior and great eating tool, they would think that you are really  interested in your customer experience and they will be encouraged to come back.
  • Attention to details: at the same time your customers will think that you are a real master in restaurant management, if you are also able to take care of something such as disposable cutlery. You might even do more, by adding a little note that goes with your food, saying: “Enjoy your meal! Don’t be afraid to break the cutlery!”. You can tell them also that that cutlery can be reused up to 10 times and even washed in the dishwasher.
  • WOW factor: choosing something that no one has seen before will delight your customers. They will come back it’s guaranteed.
  • Talking point: not only your customers will come back becoming loyal but they will also talk to their friends about this incredible disposable cutlery. As more people try your new take-away addition, people in town will start talking about. Many more will be curious to try and they will visit your restaurant.
  • Lunchtime offer: you could also utilise this improved cutlery to suggest a lunchtime offer for office workers, something along the line: “Take-away our lunch box for only $6! Unbreakble disposable cutlery included!”. This can make your restaurant to attract the attention of an additional target market.
  • Shift to takeaway: perhaps you are not offering  takeaway food yet and this article gave you the extra push to offer it. Some businesses establish food truck somewhere in the area or even outside their restaurants to earn extra income, attract new targets and increase brand awareness.

These are sufficient reasons to embrace a new concept of disposable cutlery, to make your business just a little bit better and  market your restaurant more and in different ways.

You can apply this to other business improvements, for example you can be the one restaurant that offers extravagant cocktails. The rule is: PROVIDE SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY.

The other good news is that this unbreakable disposable cutlery exists for real. Jupiter Flatware is an innovative concept of disposable cutlery, in fact, it bends but it doesn’t break, thanks to its strong stainless steel coat. It is also safer because can be used with hot food and it can be reused up to 10 times.

Many restaurants today are already adding it to their takeaway orders obtaining an improved customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Would you like to try Jupiter Flatware? 

Get in touch today – upgrade your business!


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