With the good season approaching and the days getting longer and longer, it’s no wonder that you are looking forward hosting your next outdoor family gathering or party with friends.

You must be delighted when you have people around, but when the party is over and everyone is at home, you are the only one left to do all the cleaning, and you dread that moment.

The question is: could you throw a respectable party with disposable tableware? So you  can enjoy more time with your guests and less time tidying?

The answer is yes! Nowadays, there are many beautiful options available to recreate a fantastic table without using real tableware. Continue with the reading and we will give you some unmissable tips on how to create an amazing party with disposables.

How to organise an elegant party with disposable tableware & more

1) Thick tablecloth: there is a variety of disposable plastic or paper table cloth available that you can easily throw away after use. We suggest picking a thick paper table cloth with an elegant design. You can opt for a damask one or a simple white tablecloth with a few coloured details, better if in gold or silver.

Don’ts: don’t use a thin paper cloth with an inelegant design.

2) Lookalike crystal glasses: who said that plastic disposable cups are ugly? You can find magnificent options for glasses, in fact, there is an extensive range of plastic wine glasses that looks stunning. You can either grab lookalike crystal glasses or choose simpler tumbler with some nice decor.

picture of glasses part of disposable tableware

Don’ts: don’t propose cheap plastic cups that you find in canteens.

3) Strong disposable cutlery: cutlery is a big issue as this is the main instrument that allows your guests to eat comfortably. Without appropriate cutlery sets your guests will not feel at ease, at all. You must have experienced the problems of using disposable cutlery, so you must give something better to your guests. Luckily you can buy disposable cutlery coated with stainless steel, this is incredibly resistant and strong and can be used with any hot food, without health related risks. Another bonus is that this cutlery looks like real stainless steel cutlery, so it pleases the eye too (picture below).

Picture of catering supply jupiter flatware cutlery

Don’ts: don’t buy the easy breakable cutlery that you commonly find, but surprise your guests with something special that doesn’t even cost more!

4) Plates with designs: you can find a never ending range of amazing paper plates with sophisticated designs that look like ceramic plates. You will be surprised at how many different patterns exist. Paper plates are also environmentally friendly.

picture of ceramic plates to show that you find similar ones in disposable tableware

Don’ts: don’t choose mono colour white plastic/paper plates, they scream cheap!

5) Strong napkins: paper napkins are wonderful as they come in nice designs and if multilayered can really be as strong as fabric napkins. Opt for nicely decorated ones and learn how to fold them, this will guarantee a further WOW factor. There are many easy to follow tutorials on YouTube, such as the one below teaching you how to fold a napkin in the shape of a leaf.

Don’ts: don’t buy cheap and thin napkins, they will turn out to be uneconomical in the long run as each guest will use a couple of each.

6) Shiny tray: you can find nice disposable trays, but if you want to keep it on a budget there is another option available. You can buy standard aluminum disposable trays and then lay on them decorative paper doily mats for a very reasonable price. They are normally used for cakes, but they are a very good option for dry foods, such as bruschetta, canapes and so on.

Picture of doilies part of disposable tableware

Don’ts: don’t rely on plates instead of buying proper trays, because they are too fragile.

7) Single portion starters: finger food is the ultimate trend. In order to organise a spectacular party and keep the use of tableware at a minimum, you should go for easy to eat finger foods. You can create tasteful and tasty compositions, great as a starter.

picture of finger food so you don't use disposable tableware

Don’ts: don’t offer difficult to eat finger food, or at least provide your guests with all the necessary equipment. Consider that this food should be eaten with the hands so you should use mostly toothpicks.

8) Reusable water bottle: this is an exception to the previous tips. In fact, it is best to use glass and reusable water bottles, rather than relying on plastic. This because you can refill them during the event and also because they look much better.

picture of glass bottle

Don’ts: don’t put on the table unappealing water bottles with big labels.

9) Bins: in order to make the after party clean up even easier, you should prepare some rubbish bins for your guests to use. Avoid the faux pas of using not tastefully ornate bins. If you are good with crafts, you could get big cardboard boxes and decorate them. For example, you can spray paint them and add a nice ribbon to make them look nice (despite their purpose).

picture of bin

Don’ts: don’t use nasty cardboard boxes without love.


All these tips guarantee a successful and smooth event, in fact, you will be able to enjoy your party stress free, without worrying about missing cutlery rather than smashed porcelain plates, plus you will not need to clean up afterward.

Do you use disposable flatware if you are hosting a big event? Or you still rely on standard one?

Do you have any more tips, share them with us.

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picture of jupiter flatware stainless steel disposable cultery

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