Lately, we heard a lot about the disadvantages of disposables and how badly these affects our environment. The throwaway society we live in has been accused of polluting the planet and leaving behind tons of rubbish that will end up in our seas and  will cause death.  Some companies such as BBC set targets up to completely abandon the use of disposable plastic items by 2020.

However, sometimes using disposables is necessary, have you thought about all the mono use medical items? They are necessary to prevent infections and the spread of illnesses, for example.

Similarly, sometimes it is necessary to utilise disposable tableware, because it would be impossible doing otherwise.

Of course, in an ideal world we all would  carry our own silverware around, so we would never need disposable flatware again in our lives.
This was happening already in 1600 in that country that would become Italy, where upper class people would bring their own spoon and fork in a box called cadena when invited for supper. This was later introduced in the court of France by Caterina of the Medici family and the use of cutlery widespread in Europe.

We have gone a long way since the Medici family and now cutlery is a common place, available in any household. Let’s see now the advantages of disposable cutlery when they are really necessary.

10 advantages of disposable cutlery

1) Hygiene: as disposable cutlery is normally mono use it guarantees a high degree of hygienic standards. Especially important in food in hospitals or where the risk of contamination is high.

2) Lightweight: disposable cutlery is much lighter than standard silverware and this allows to carry it even in big quantity. Think of a food festival gathering thousands of people, it would be very hard for the catering to transport tons of cutlery, that’s where disposable cutlery comes handy.

3) Price: companies do spend a lot of money in replacing cutlery throughout the year because somehow disposable cutlery goes lost easily. In fact, standard stainless steel cutlery is a rather expensive matter, disposable cutlery it costs 1/10 in comparison! So if a company needs to buy a large amount of cutlery either to replace the missing ones or for a particular event with many and many guests involved, it’s no wonder that disposable it’s cheaper.

4) Availability: let’s assume you are organising a buffet and realise that you don’t have enough silverware just before the party starts, what do you do? It seems obvious to go to the nearest store and buy some cutlery. They are more likely to sell disposable cutlery, so you will grab it. Believe it or not, this is what happens to many of us when we are in a rush.

5) Fewer worries: as we anticipated the price is much lower and for this reason,  you have fewer worries with disposable cutlery. For example, if you go for a picnic with the family, you don’t need to constantly watch out for your cutlery.

picture of friends having a picnic in the park to display advantages of disposable cutlery

6) No need to wash: you don’t need to wash it, you just throw it away, so it makes things much easier if you have many guests, this also save water and electricity.

7) Consistency: we all have been there, we hosted a dinner and we didn’t have uniform tableware, so everyone would have a different glass, plate and so on. With disposable tableware, this problem can be eliminated as you can buy in bulk and everyone will dine in the same style.

picture of dinner table set for people to come

8) Children: disposable cutlery is safer to be used by children too, unlike standard steel cutlery, it is less likely to cause harm if used improbably. Although, children should be always supervised.

9) Time savers: no need of washing up saves time, but also the more availability contributes to this. If for one night you are tired after work, you might get tempted and use disposable for your family dinner. This shouldn’t be the norm, but it is nice to have a time and energy saving option.

10) Convenience: this is the keyword which sums up the idea of disposable cutlery. From many angles, disposable cutlery is more convenient, especially if you cater for many people.

Disposable cutlery is not all the same: more advantages

As disposable cutlery varies depending on the materials and so on, there are a few more benefits that don’t apply to all of them.  Take a look below.

11) Reusable: disposable cutlery can be reused at times. In this case, it might not save you the washing up time, but it would be certainly lightweight and cheaper than standard silverware. One example is Jupiter stainless steel coated disposable cutlery, it can be reused up to 10 times and washed in the dishwasher, it appears to be a greener solution too.

12) Biodegradable: disposable cutlery can be biodegradable, this means that the plastic used is of a different kind and degrade in the environment in a much shorter time, compared to standard plastic, such as PET. So utilising this type is certainly a more conscious choice for the environment too. However, you need to be careful when opting for biodegradable, some of them is not strong enough, for example Jupiter offer resistant biodegradable disposable cutlery that can be bent in any way.


Can you list any other advantage of disposable cutlery?

What is your favourite choice? When do you use it?

If you want to find out more about our heavy-duty disposable cutlery, contact us!





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