For disposable items we intend all the products that can be used once and then they must be disposed of, even though this old concept is now been extended also to items that can be used for a certain amount, like for a week or so, such as water filter.

Some disposable items are necessary such as toilet papers, syringes and gloves …

But some of them are certainly unusual, have you ever heard of disposable cars or of  disposable sunglasses?

Let’s take a look at the weirdest disposable items that you haven’t heard of before.

The 10 weirdest disposable items

1) Paper dress: in 1966, Scott Paper Company invented a paper dress. A dress that could be bought only for $1, the company couldn’t imagine that people would buy it for real, but they did.
The reason behind this odd invention was a clever marketing tactic, because for each dress bought you would receive some coupons to use for the other paper products of the company.

It was so successful that other companies started to produce disposable dresses, even a washable paper dress was invented.

Picture of the paper dress by Scott company as an example of Disposable Items
Image source: Copyright: © Victoria and Albert Museum, London 2017. All Rights Reserved

2) Disposable laptop: the project for this computer is ready and seem to be working just fine, the designer Je Sung Park is thinking ahead of the game with this idea. In fact, he thought that in a society like ours,  needy for short term use objects, he should invent a disposable computer, which is mainly made of cardboard and can be also recycled.

picture of disposable computer as an example of Disposable Items

3) Disposable cars: you might not know but companies have been trying to create the perfect disposable car for a long time and with various results.

General Motors launched the Whim in 2001 and had record sales for it.
The car cost only $1100 and when is no longer working can be abandoned or returned to the dealer. It seems to be the perfect solution for whom don’t  have time to fix cars or simply to teach young boys to drive a car.

picture of disposable car as an example of Disposable Items

There is also who tried to make cardboard cars with successful results or to replicate current car models with cardboard.

4) Disposable vase: we are not talking about the ugly plastic vases that you use to pot plants, but of actual beautiful flower vases in cardboard or plastic, they look as stunning as the real thing. Some of them are foldable, they are a sort of origami.

picture of vase of flowers

5) Disposable sunglasses: there are various disposable sunglasses available in the market, some of them are roll up glasses, others are simply made of a disposable materials.

Think of when you go to an excursion and you don’t want to bring your designer sunglasses, but the sun is high, disposable sunglasses are the ideal solution.

6) Disposable mobile phones: perhaps it might sound strange to you but actually low cost phones with limited functions sold for cheap are called disposable mobile phone. Perhaps because they main use is for an emergency situation such as a broken phone.

picture of disposable mobile phone as an example of Disposable Items

7) Disposable suitcase: finally a strong trolley able to be carry a lot of weight across the city even if it is made of cardboard, do you believe it? Move-it can carry up to 20 Kg and has very strong wheels.

Watch the video to discover how easy it is to assemble too.

8) Disposable underwear and socks: we can figure out what type of businesses may need disposable these disposable items, such as shoe shops, massage centres but in some cases even hospitals.

9) Disposable curtains: they look like office panel curtains, but they are not. They are used in hospitals because they are anti-bacterial and can be disposed of after use.

10) Disposable bath towel: use it once and then throw it away, this soft towel biodegradable. Useful for gyms, wellness centres and similar businesses.

At the end of this top 10 of the weirdest disposable items, we must also mention Jupiter Flatware.

picture of Jupiter flatware spoon as an example of Disposable Items

Have you ever seen a disposable spoon that bends this way?

This disposable cutlery is designed to be strong and resistant, like no other. But at the same time it’s flexible and adapts to you. Owing to its strong stainless steel coat, this cutlery is deemed to be the future and is reusable too.


Do you have any weird disposable items to suggest?

Please leave your comment.  


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