Do you dread using disposable cutlery when you are invited to barbecues? It may create many awkward moments, but there is a way to escape to the embarrassment.
In this article, we will tell you how to make barbecues even better.

There is a huge variety of barbecue styles around the world. The Swedens love to cook sausages and salmon in the barbecue. The Malaysians adore satays which is something very similar to kebab. The South-Africans use a lot of spices and a special barbecue salt… but apart from the barbecue style itself, barbecues are rather similar and often disposables are used.

In this article, we investigate the drawbacks of disposables and we provide a solution too.

Interesting facts about barbecues

Barbecue is a social event worldwide, sometimes it can be hosted in someone’s garden, other times in parks or in various natural settings.

The word barbecue itself has a very interesting origin, it seems deriving from barabicu, which is an old language spoken by some populations in the Caribbean and in Florida. The first person to use this word in Europe, officially, was a Spanish explorer, he used the adapted version”barbecoa” that soon entered the Spanish dictionary. In fact, it was reported that, after Colombus’ America discovery in 1492, the Spaniards saw Taíno (the indigenous people of the Caribbean), roasting meat in a framework with sticks, a sort of primitive barbecue. However, at that time doing a barbecue was considered a barbarous way of cooking.

Barbecues are extremely popular in the US, you can have one at any time of the year. It is a sort of tradition for Americans.
Barbecues are the perfect excuse to throw a party and for family gatherings.

picture of barbecue outdoor with disposable cutlery

Despite the joy of being invited to a barbecue, there are also some disadvantages. One of them is the use of disposable cutlery.
Have you ever desperately tried to cut a succulent steak with a plastic knife? Did you manage to do it? Or have you ever tried unsuccessfully to fork crispy beacon?

What makes this worst is trying to use disposable cutlery on a paper/plastic plate, maybe standing up. So probably what you ended up doing is using your fingers and cover yourself in grease.

Disposable cutlery is inefficient, however it is really necessary for these type of events, let’s see why…

Reasons for using disposable cutlery for barbecues

Here it is why we use disposable cutlery for barbecues, then we will tell you how to solve all of these problems to get rid of it.

  • Many people: as we said barbecues are the perfect way to create a family reunion which is a bit more fun than a dinner party. With so many people it becomes difficult to manage everything from food to utensils, so it’s easy just to use disposables.
  • Weight: disposable cutlery is light and easy to carry, also in case the barbecue is hosted in a beautiful remote scenery. Carrying silverware might be impossible.
  • Not enough cutlery: another problem is that if you host a barbecues for 20 people or even more, you don’t have enough cutlery in your drawers. It doesn’t seem cost-effective to buy more silverware which would then take space in your cupboard.
  • Laziness: even if the problem of weight doesn’t show up, there might be the problem of laziness. Let’s assume you host a barbecue with 10 people in your garden, you would probably have enough cutlery and you would probably have to walk just a few metres from the kitchen to the garden. What stops you here from using standard stainless steel cutlery is the laziness of having to wash all your cutlery and put them back in their place.
  • Loss risk: another very good reason is that you might be afraid to lose your precious silverware, especially if the barbecue is in a remote area.

OK, fair enough, now you are convinced that disposable cutlery is necessary for barbecues, despite being so inconvenient for your guests.
Let’s see how you can avoid the hassle of disposable cutlery for your next event.

How to get rid of disposable cutlery for barbecues once for all

The answer is easy, you need a disposable cutlery which doesn’t have all the problems of common disposable cutlery, so something that is flexible, strong: in one word the perfect cutlery for barbecues.

We have the answer: this is Jupiter Flatware, the ideal disposable cutlery, which wasn’t invented until last year.

Why Jupiter is ideal for barbecues?

  • Strong and powerful: it cuts anything. Watch the video to see how cutting anything become easy. Cutting meat it will not be a problem. Thanks to its stainless steel coat, Jupiter Flatware is extremely resistant and totally flexible too.
  • Money saver: Jupiter flatware doesn’t cost more than other disposable cutlery, but it lasts longer and works better.
  • Environmentally friendly: that’s the perk! You can reuse Jupiter Flatware up to 10 times.
    We discussed your laziness about washing the cutlery, but what if we tell you that you can wash this disposable cutlery in the dish washer, would it make the difference? Think about it, you save money by not having to buy new disposable cutlery and you help the planet by reducing waste.
  • Convenient: the convenience refers to its price, because it is inexpensive so you will have not to worry too much if your cutlery goes lost, and also to its use. This cutlery would improve the food experience of your guests massively.
  • Heat resistant: as this cutlery is coated with pure stainless steel, it can be used safely even with hot food.
Do you like the idea of using Jupiter Flatware for your next barbecues?
Contact us for pricing, just let us know how many pieces you would like to purchase. 

Stop making your guests/customers to run away because of your disposable cutlery.

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