Would you like to get more likes on your food snaps on Instagram? And perhaps having more followers? You must know that how you take your pictures has a a huge impact on your success. Would you like to know how to take Instagram food pictures like an influencer?

Did you know that there are 263,911,383 published posts with the hashtag #food as of today? Impressive, right?

We like eating, but we also like watching food, this fetish is supposed only to become more over powering through the years.

Would you like to ride the wave of success with Instagram food pictures? Learn how…

We examined the food shots of some Instagram influencers around the globe and we found some common rules to get your followers excited…

10 rules for Instagram food pictures

1)  Focus on your main character: it’s important that your food is at the centre of your picture, it must be the main focus, everything else will follow. See for example the picture of the acclaimed Dubai lifestyle blogger Arwa (Slice of Dubai), she took only one single cake and all the others are blurry, a good effect.

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2) Plate size: the size of the plate must be proportioned to your food, if the plate is too big, food will look messy and disorganised. Take for example, Stefano Cicchini using a mini size plate for a massive burger.

What if your plate is very empty? Meaning you have a big plate for just a sandwich? Well, then you should add some decorations. Look at this snap from @milliemunch the slice of lemons and avocado make the plate look more joyful.

A post shared by Millie (@milliemunch) on

3) Light: no doubt that the light must be right! For food, natural light works really well, so take advantage of it if you have the chance. See this inspiring pictures from @mexicanfoodmemories, the light makes the food look more natural and healthier.

4) Play with the shadows: if you are lucky enough to be eating outside on a sunny day, using shadows will make your picture more vibrant and real. Like @soapmotion who utilised very cleverly strawberry’s’ shadows adding even more interest in the picture.

A post shared by Soapmotion (@soapmotion) on

5) Anthropomorphic food: this means to transform your food into something that relates to humans. For example, have you ever done a face with a banana and a couple of apples? This could be an example. Anthropomorphising food is an effective strategy to gain attention and wow Instagram users.


6) Filters: filters can better your pictures ten times by creating a dramatic effect. Filters can be a big help when it comes to make the picture more vibrant, in fact, colours are fundamental for a successful Instagram post, that’s why you should liven up the picture with a filter if necessary. Look at this shiny and vibrant black mussels in @palmdeblog’s picture, they look stunning.

7) Be original: this should be perhaps number one rule. Instagram influencers are original, they always add their special touch on their pictures. For example have you ever seen something so enormous like in the picture below? The Instagrammer @no.crying.in.cooking has nearly 3 K followers and we are sure that the originality of her pictures is not just a coincidence.

8) Professionalism: this is an aspect that perhaps is overlooked, but professional looking pictures not only get more likes but they also increase your authority as a food specialist. In order to get professional shots, you must consider the lighting, the quality of the picture, better if you use HD, the background but also the colour combination and the composition. Is your picture of good quality? Does it please the eyes? For example, @seductionrecipes despite cooking in her own kitchen manages to achieve wonderful results.

9) Make people feel part of it: when sharing the moment, you can play strategically by snapping a close up or a single detail, that make your followers immerse in the situation and feel part of it. Try to bring your viewer inside the picture. Look at these cleverly photographed decadent pancakes, don’t they seem next to you? Well done, @chasingthetaste!

10) Keep it simple: simplicity is the key for all the other rules for Instagram pictures like a pro, this because it is much easier to get it right when you keep it simple. Photographer @egle.juzu has one or two things to teach us in this respect, her 2,666 followers adore the simplicity and purity of her pictures, also when it comes to food.

A post shared by egle (@egle.juzu) on

Now, you know how to take Instagram food picture like an influncer. Share with us your best snap. What’s your best performing picture on Instagram?

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