Have you ever stir your coffee with a knife at work, because it was the only cutlery available? You are not the only one.

Cutlery seems to go missing often,  did you know that 80% of the teaspoons go missing within 5 months in companies? And this was showed in an academic research investigating the disappearance of cutlery supply.
This means that we would need to buy 252 teaspoons a year to maintain 70 of them in the kitchen!

Crazy stats, eh? Who is stealing our office cutlery?

  • One third of people admitted having stolen one teaspoon
  • But do you know what’s the favourite of cutlery thieves? Forks!

You can also watch a video with these impressive stats here

Of course, cutlery  is mobile and small, so it’s difficult to keep track of it. Why do we end up having missing cutlery? Read more to find out.

Stolen or missing cutlery?

it seems an universal problem that one of missing cutlery. What happened to the cutlery?

Well, for sure some of them go missing and some others will have inadvertently slipped onto someone’s bag.

Other times it’s just a matter of logistic, it’s interesting how the  London Borough of Hounslow tried to solve the problem of missing cutlery, approaching it analytically. In fact, they realised that the cutlery from an onsite cafe were not simply returned to the cafe and not stolen. For the employee, it seemed easier to keep the cutlery in the office rather than return it to the cafe.
The solution? Collection boxes were brought in the office regularly to collect the cutlery, this helped the cafe to get its supply back. By simplifying how to return the cutlery, a lot of money of the cafe were saved.


The same problem was spotted also by Airbnb hosts which confirm that the items that goes missing are often from rented flat are forks.

How to solve cutlery problem?

picture of note saying don't steal cutlery

There is no an easy answer to help companies to cut out on the expense of having to buy a lot of new cutlery:

  • Threatening note in the kitchen door: this is a common practice, kindly ask staff to keep flatware and similar items in the kitchen for everyone’s use.
  • Make easier for people to return the cutlery: just organise a strategy to gather all the cutlery, perhaps suggest a tray passing in the office at end of the day to gather kitchenware. Make it a routine!
  • Supply personal cutlery set: if the company doesn’t have too many employees, the solution might be to give a cutlery set to each employee on the first day and to be returned at the end of the contract.
  • Cutlery donation: to discourage thieves and improve staff behaviour, you could suggest gathering money once every couple of months to buy more cutlery. So people will pay more attention.
  • Disposable reusable cutlery: buying disposable and reusable cutlery is another option. But you must be aware of the type of cutlery you are buying, as it must be as good as stainless steel cutlery. For this reason, the only valid substitute is Jupiter Flatware, because it is strong cutlery coated with stainless steel, so it’s very resistant and perfect for everyday use. We estimated that if you use Jupiter, the cost of keeping your cutlery office stock all year around would be eight time cheaper than buying non disposable stainless steel cutlery!

Start saving today in cutlery supply for your office. Contact us to find out more about Jupiter Flatware. 




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