We live in the world of fake news, the fake is always around the corner. Sometimes you even wonder if something you are using or eating is real or not. As Victoria Beckham says “If you haven’t got it. Fake it!” referring to the height.

It is fascinating how certain things are similar to the real thing. Let’s discover the 10 best fake things, best because they really caught us!

10 surprisingly fake things

  1. Flowers: sometimes fake flowers are so well made that you cannot distinguish them from real ones, have you seen the ones with fake drops of water? They look so real after a rainy day. picture of fake flowers amongst the 10 best “fake” things
  2. Ice-cream: something so delicious can be fake, when? When it’s photographed. It is notorious that food photographers utilise fake food to make it look better and also easier to shot. Apparently, the fake gelato is made out of  mashed potatoes! Can you believe that? Perhaps next time you see an ice cream ad, you won’t be that enticed to have some.picture of ice cream one of the most fakes things
  3. Tiles: this is also one of the most faked things in houses. Fake tiles are very popular in English bathrooms for example for floors and walls, a plastic adhesive sheet is certainly cheaper than real tiles, sometimes the effect is quite good from distance.picture of tiles amongst the 10 best “fake” things
  4. Grass: the fake grass sometimes is of a very poor quality, so it’s a no-brainer. But other times, fake grass is so realistic that looks like real fresh grass. picture of grass amongst the 10 best “fake” things
  5. Cutlery: Jupiter Flatware is of course cutlery for real. But looking at the picture (below), would you believe that this is disposable cutlery? No?! In fact, Jupiter Flatware has many features of standard cutlery: it’s ultra strong and even coated in stainless steel. Is this the cutlery of the future?disposable cutlery Jupiter flatware set
  6. Brands: brands are perhaps the most fake things of all. Business Insiders has produced a very interesting list of Chinese knock-offs, see for example Mini Dog, that make us wonder about the dishes served in there as they do eat REAL dogs.  picture of mini dog- chinese fast food amongst the 10 best “fake” things  Image source: rahoi.com 
  7. Babies: you perhaps wouldn’t expect to see babies in this list, but instead there are these very expensive dolls that look like real babies, a bit scary and cute at the same time. picture of baby dolls amongst the 10 best “fake” things
  8. Foods: this is another very big faked thing, in fact, very often products are not what it is said on the front label, as there are no rules of transparency in some countries. For example, extra-virgin olive oil, it’s likely to be of an inferior quality but also Parmesan cheeses, honey and so on. So read the ingredients and try to spot the fake foodpicture of olive oil amongst the 10 best “fake” things
  9. Granite kitchen tops: granite is rather expensive, for this reason people often choose look-like plastic options for their kitchen top, with not a so-great results! granite amongst the 10 best “fake” things
  10. Sunglasses: we need to be careful, as sunglasses can cause health issues if not real. Sunglasses should be able to block out the recommended minimum of UV light. UV can be damaging to the skin and to the eyes. But be careful, as study reveals that price is not always a good indicator of the quality of sunglasses, some cheap alternatives are actually very good. But we would suggest an optician for peace of mind. picture of round sunglasses amongst the 10 best “fake” things

Did you enjoy this top ten of fake things? Do you know any more fake objects? Comment below.



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