If you have been using heavy duty disposable cutlery you will know that it can last for a long time. But what to do with them?
Read these 10 uses and misuses of disposable cutlery to up cycle it and live greener. And remember

Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there.
Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

10 uses of heavy duty disposable cutlery that you haven’t thought of

We don’t necessarily need to throw away disposable cutlery, as there are many ways it can be reused. Are you ready for some inspiration?

1- Reuse them

The simplest way, reusing it is possible, especially heavy duty disposable cutlery. The number of times depends on the product, for example, Jupiter Flatware can be reused up to ten times and can even be washed in the dishwasher.

picture of heavy duty disposable flatware on grass

2- Stencil

Have you ever made a stencil on a surface of a cake with icing sugar? Well, disposable cutlery is a good item for a creative result.

picture of stencil made with heavy duty disposable flatware and icing sugar

3- Work of art (one)

You can give new life to your flatware by using your imagination. For example, spray paint it with your favourite colour, glue it onto a framed panel, here it is, your new picture to be proudly displayed.

picture of cafe sign with heavy duty disposable flatware

4- Work of art (two)

Another idea is to arrange the cutlery in a nice composition, use ribbons, colours, glitters and so on, this can be used as a decoration for anything and especially as a centrepiece.

picture of cafeteria sign made by using heavy duty disposable flatware

Do you like how they use it in the sign of their coffee shop?

5- Placeholders

Planning a big event? Or do you just like placeholders? If so, reusable cutlery is certainly an inventive way to make some pretty good ones. Go crazy with materials, colours and even labels, make them special.

picture of a placeholder made with heavy duty disposable flatware

6- DIY

Heavy duty disposable cutlery comes handy for DIY jobs, for example if you need to stir some paints or if you need to reach something that went wrongly down the sink. Another genius way is to use a fork to keep your nail straight when you are about to hammer it. So keep it!

7- Scratcher

Plastic scratchers are all the rage today, gadget shops sell them as an original gift, you can certainly use a disposable fork to do so. Perhaps you can unite a knife and a fork for extra length.

8- Picture frame

Revamp a standard plain frame for pictures by gluing cutlery on the border or on the top, spray paint it in a bright colour for an even better result.

picture of a hand holding a frame

9- Garden

Disposable cutlery  is useful as it can be utilised to label your plants. You can use a marker pen to write the name or craft some nice labels.

picture of person planting using heavy duty disposable flatware

10- Fancy dresses

Cutlery can have thousands of usages for dressing up. For example, you could create a skirt with glued cutlery or create wings made out of cutlery and so on…

Do you have any other ideas to reuse heavy duty disposable cutlery? Just comment below.

The only limit to your impact is your imagination and your commitment.

Tony Robbins


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