We all know that Dubai is a prosperous city, but perhaps not everyone knows that it’s also a very innovative city together with the whole UAE. Read this article to discover why we think that Dubai is absolutely the most forward thinking city in the world.

10 facts about Dubai that will leave your mouth open


1) World’s first floating drive thru: are you missing fast food when you go on a trip at sea? This problem will be soon solved for Dubai’s visitors and inhabitants, with the launch of a floating fast food serving burgers at sea. The project was created by an award winning architect, very attentive to the sustainability aspects of his projects.

2) Record growth for international business events: 212 events were hosted in 2007, recording a 64% growth compared to the previous year, WoW!

3) Self-Flying taxi: if traffic affects inhabitants’ routines, things might change sooner than expected, with the first flying taxi just being tested in Dubai. Thanks to the agreement with the Chinese technology company Ehang, the UAE will be soon able to have this spectacular self-flying cab.

4) Virtual reality park: in the first half of this year, a Virtual Reality park is set to be opened at Dubai Mall, this extensive project will occupy two floors. People will be able to interact with each other via escapism games and thrilling VR experiences, such as roller coasters.

Picture of luxury SPA of the Most Forward-Thinking City In The World

5) Luxury SPA market on the rise: it seems that always more hotels with SPAs will be opening, as SPAs are in high demand. It is reported that: “the number of five-star hotel spas in Dubai will increase from 107 in 2017 to 157 in 2021”. This also brings to an increased request for professional courses to work in wellness centres.

6) “The world’s first instant baby milk processed from camel milk”: finally someone is thinking about children allergic to cow’s milk. The product was just launched this month at the Gulfood 2018 and will be soon made available to consumers.

7) 3D printed villas: coming up within two months is the project of the first Dubai’s 3D printed villas. 3D seems to be a very efficient option for construction with the ability of reducing time, cost and waste. Everyone is waiting for this futuristic project to become real.
8) World’s largest waste-to-energy plant: Dubai is an advanced technology city also when it comes to waste, in fact, plans are made to build the biggest waste transformation plant. It will be able to transform 1.82 million tonnes of waste per year into reusable energy,  this new project will be completed by 2020.

picture of waiter with food from the Most Forward-Thinking City In The World

9) World’s first Master Chef Restaurant: Dubai is thinking ahead of the game by opening a magnificent Master Chef themed restaurant, it will reproduce the decor of the TV show, but not only. The best experience for guests will be the food: the menu will be changing regularly and also they will be able to enjoy Master Chef’s contestant own dishes.

10) World’s tallest hotel:  the tallest hotel of the world, the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, was already in Dubai, but perhaps the city was fearful that someone else could steal its own record. So this month a newest tallest hotel was opened. The Gevora Hotel opened in the financial district of the city. With its  356 metres of height the hotel features a sauna, pool, health club, restaurants, coffee shops and the tallest pool in the world too.

Do you have any more news about Dubai showing that it’s really the most forward-thinking city in the world? Share your thoughts with us.

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