Innovative, flexible and ultra-resistant disposable cutlery.


Jupiter is going to disrupt the flatware market.


Jupiter Flatware is a true technological revolution, innovative in both the materials and the production process. The standard disposable cutlery is fragile, thin and not flexible so it breaks easily. This break can cause parts or splinters to remain in the food: cutlery particles can be swallowed inadvertently. Jupiter Flatware, in its prodigious combination of robustness and elasticity, can be bent, crushed in every point, but it won't break and therefore it won't release splinters.

picture of bent fork Jupiter Flatware
disposable cutlery Jupiter flatware set

Ultra resistant

The raw material used for Jupiter Flatware is a special thermoplastic composed of polymers which are injected at high temperatures in special molds. These molds are automatically thermoregulated to control thermal excursions, unlike ordinary disposable flatware (normally made of PS or PET). This breakthrough process allows Jupiter products an exceptional flexibility along with rigidity.


Flexibility means two things.

Flexibility of materials: you can bend and twist the flatware, at any point without breaking it, avoiding serious accidents for consumer safety.

Flexibility in terms of use: you can use Jupiter in different situations. Plus, this flatware is an expression of design, elegance and beauty. The style, the shapes and the ergonomics can be compared with the beauty of the best Italian Hotellerie steel flatware. You can place the Jupiter flatware, even in luxurious locations.

picture of a bent girl
picture of Jupiter flatware high quality disposable cutlery on a table


Jupiter is resistant but flexible, impossible to break so there is no risk to contaminate food with pieces of material deriving from the break.
In addition to that, this disposable cutlery is heat resistant, thanks to the strong stainless steel coat so you are not harmed by the release of chemicals when used with hot food.


Discover the flexible disposable cutlery range

disposable cutlery stainless steel tris

Stainless steel coated cutlery

Our range of sleek disposable cutlery coated with a strong and durable layer of stainless steel is very strong, you can cut anything with it. The cutlery is not painted but coated this guarantees the complete absence of chemical residuals. Plus, it is safe to be used also with hot food.

disposable biodegradable cutlery tris

Biodegradable disposable cutlery

Our range of biodegradable cutlery is heavy-duty and environmentally friendly. With this range, you can rest assured that you will get a high quality and efficient product with no harm to the environment.


PIcture of biodegradable bowl PLA
Diameter 143 mm Height 54 mm Size 600 cc

Biodegradable bowls and cups

Our range of biodegradable bowls and cups is made with PLA, this is a biodegradable material that derives from renewable resources.
Their design is elegant and functional and they are safe to be used with hot food and beverage as well.

New 25 pack


I Bend but I don't Break

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